Thursday, April 2, 2009

Suspicious Mutterings...

Often when I read a book, I'll go briefly glance over the wikipedia article about it to get a sense of when it was written and that sort of thing, but then there will sometimes be a section toward the bottom. An innocent little section that seems to say, "Don't come look at me...I'm of no importance. I'm only rumor! Why would you want to hear about silly ruomors?" This section is often called one of two things:



So for this ranty-ish blog post, I wish to discuss the suspicious mutterings of movies to be made out of a few books I've looked into recently.

First of all, The Book Thief.
In my opinion, this will be a VERY VERY VERY hard book to adapt. I mean, it's narrated by Death, for crying out loud! What also makes me think this a hard book to adapt is the language. The Book Thief was a book I savored partially because of just how it was written.

Next, another Jane Eyre.
I'm sorry, I have to be suspicious of new version after the Toby Stephens/Ruth Wilson tv mini-series. It was done so well and acted so perfectly that I'm afraid anything that comes after it will disappoint me. Not to mention it's Ellen Page that's going to be playing Jane. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Ellen Page. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance of Shadowcat in X-Men, but....I'm just not sure about her playing Jane. Not to mention a newer version make by Hollywood will probably get rid of the Christian undertones of forgiveness, redemption, and everything else. Be on your guard, Hollywood.

Ok, this one I'm not so cynical about: The Hunger Games.
First of all, the subject matter would translate into a film pretty well, and secondly, Suzanne Collins herself is adapting it. Score!

Notable mentions for film adaptation discussion:
Fahrenheit 451 (apparently they want to try again...not sure this one will go anywhere)
The Screwtape Letters (now THIS could be really good)
The Hobbit (ok, I know this one isn't rumor, but I had to mention it)

Anyone else got any other adaptations to add to the discussion? I'd love to hear them!
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(and isn't the word 'adaptation' funny???)

3 musings:

PiningForTheFjords said...

I did not like the adaptation of Northanger Abbey that I saw. It could make a really good movie if done well.

Q said...

I may or may not see The Hunger Games...I have a much higher tolerance for violence in books than in movies, so depending on how gory it is we'll see.

Totally with you on The Book Thief. That one sounds like it'll be destroyed. :(

Cuileann said...

Mm, yes, I loved the BBC Jane Eyre.