Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seeing Double?

Lots of random bits of information I'd like to impart because lately Cease Repining has been almost entirely lame... You can blame it on my acting classes and current projects. (Bookmark of Doom and Death Wears a Suit) There's been alot of work on both of these things. (headshots, mock auditions, and preparations for the showcase for the former; script editing, pre-vis photography, and induction of a new member of EJC on the latter)
But anyhoo....first off. You are not seeing double. We have another kitten.

Here's his story... For about a week, we had been seeing him every once in awhile at night. He'd meow and want food, so we'd feed him. We thought he was one of Mimi's wild cats. Because we'd always see him at night, Dad started calling his Nightcrawler. (X-Men fans? Anyone? Anyone?) So then a day came when our dogs were going nuts for no apparent reason. I went outside onto our porch and found him again almost freezing to death (slight exaggeration...maybe) because it was windy and cold that day. From that time on, we kept feeding him and bringing him into the house.

We know now that he is NOT one of Mimi's wild cats because he LOVES being petted and none of Mimi's cats will let anyone come near them. We figure someone dumped him.
That's the story of our pet life. Some....(what I wish to say should not be said in polite society) has always left his poor dogs or cats on the road or in a ditch to let them die. I hate it!! It makes me so mad that people would be so cruel and irresponsible. How hard is it to take them to Petco or an Animal Shelter? Ugh....

What's really nice is that now Charlie doesn't drive the older cats nuts. She has Nightcrawler to fight and play with. And believe me, they fight and play hard. It's funny; now all of our cats are in pairs. Rochilimea and Pseudomonis, (who are, incidentally siblings) Lucy and Figaro, and Charlie and Nightcrawler. (Slinker and Crawler, hee hee.)

Speaking of M. Night Crawler, (that's one of his other nicknames) I am mourning...for a sillyish reason.


I'm dead serious. I wish I wasn't. Apparently, the aquirance of his skills for playing Johnny Cash in Walk the Line inspired him to become a musician instead.
So, to start the mourning process, the other night I watched the Village which is one of my favorite movies. I SO want to do a spoof of that great scene where Ivy is holding out her hand and the creature almost gets her. That is SUCH a beautiful scene, yet still creepy. Ah well...maybe we'll have time to spoof it after principal photography of the two main projects.
Final bit of news: Poll Results.
Is our country doomed?
Yes: 5 (55%)
No: 2 (22%)
*sigh* It depends on the election: 2 (22%)
I guess tonight we'll find out our fate.

4 musings:

Erin said...

Ooh, I'd love to hear more about your acting classes and headshots!

I really am so sad that Joaquin Phoenix is quitting acting...maybe he'll return to it one day. :( I always thought he was one of the greatest actors of our time.

piningforthefjords said...

Those are really cute cats. I'll tell you what they should do with people who abandon and abuse animals. Those people should be left somewhere in the middle of the desert. They can see how they do on their own with no water or food. God wants us to care for His animals properly.
And now, I'm changing my vote. The country is swirling down the toilet, in the connotative sense. We've become a nation of pathetic idiots who want nothing but free stuff from the government and aren't deserving of the liberty others have been fighting for. It's embarrassing to live here. I have more bad things to say about democrats at this time than will fit in this comment. It's depressing.

Princess Jasmine Geo said...

We're doomed. Obama won. You guys are probably off mourning, and doing other stuff because he won.

Lady Brainsample said...

Erin: I know! He was always amazing. And I'll be sure to post on my acting class after the showcase next Monday. :)

piningforthefjords: Yep. I'm depressed too.

Jasmine: *wails pathetically*