Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Theatre Accomplishments Tag

A fun tag stolen from Costume Queen.

Now, I'm drawing from a memory of a long span of showcases and performances, so some of these I may have actually done, but can't remember it.....bear with me.

Put an "x" in the brackets of statements that are true.

Over the span of your theatre experiences, you have been cast in..
[x] A chorus role
[x] A cameo role
[x] A minor/supporting role
[x] A principal role
[x] A title role
[x] The lead role

You have played...
[x] A character that is very similar to you
[x] A character that is very different from you
[x] A character you loved
[ ] A character you hated
[x] A ditsy/scatterbrained/clueless character
[x] A character of the opposite gender
[x] An obnoxious character that no other character likes
[x] A boring character
[x] A "show-stealing" character
[ ] An ingenue
[ ] A "prima donna"
[x] A character in love and/or loved by another character
[ ] A character abused or ridiculed by other character(s)

For a role, you have...
[ ] Cut your hair
[x] Dyed your hair
[ ] Gained weight on purpose
[ ] Lost weight on purpose
[x] Changed the sound of your voice
[x] Changed your way of moving
[x] Changed your posture
[ ] Developed bad habits as a result of characterization
[ ] Become depressed as a result of characterization

You have played a character who ________ onstage.
[ ] Cried
[x] Had an emotional or mental breakdown
[ ] Kissed another character
[x] Slapped another character (I'm counting biting under this category)
[ ] Was slapped by another character
[x] Got into a catfight
[x] Was carried/picked up by another character
[ ] At some point in the show, wore only underwear
[x] Fainted
[ ] Died

Onstage, you have sung...
[x] As part of a chorus
[x] A solo in a chorus piece
[x] A duet while other characters were onstage
[x] A duet while no other characters were onstage
[x] A solo while other characters were onstage
[x] A solo while no other characters were onstage

You have been...
[ ] Asked to sign an autograph as your character
[x] Asked to sign an autograph as yourself
[x] Recognized by someone who saw you perform
[ ] Asked by a director to audition for their show
[ ] Given a role without auditioning
[ ] The first person to play a specific role in an original show
[ ] The inspiration for a character in an original show

You have had your name...
[x] In a newspaper.
[ ] In a magazine
[ ] On the front cover of a playbill
[ ] On a poster
[ ] On a billboard
[ ] On a marquee

You have had your picture...
[x] In a newspaper.
[ ] In a magazine
[ ] On the front cover of a playbill
[ ] On a poster
[ ] On a billboard
[ ] On a marquee

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, and has a great New Year!!
Lady Brainsample signing off.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bloggy Business, Theater News, and Other Ramblings

I really really really wanted to come up with something interesting to post today, but I have nothing original, creative, or unique to say....this makes me really sad....
But, you ask, if I have nothing original, creative or unique to say, why are you even posting? I'm glad you asked. I'm posting to say that I have made a new header! I haven't changed it in months, and I WAS going to change my layout too, but the one I was going to add was going to make me re-add all my sidebar stuff.
No. Not going to work out.
So hence only a new header. I say this in the post because I know there are PEOPLE *cough, cough you know who you are cough, cough* who receive my blog from a feed.

Theater news:
I stage managed another show. That was fun, but I was getting sick of stage managing. Because I was getting sick of stage managing, I went into my last audition really, really freaked out. BUT I am not stage managing again. I actually got the part I wanted, so I will be playing Myrtle Mae in Harvey. Yay!!

Film news:
Keep your eyes peeled. I may just have a trailer for Doting on Your Absence up at some point. That is, if I feel like editing a trailer. We'll see.

In seasonally related news, it's about a week to Christmas, and I haven't done a lick of Christmas shopping. Well, if you don't count the gift I got accidentally for someone. I don't, because that was a fluke.

I leave y'all with an awesome youtube video.