Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adventures Somewhere in Centralish Texas

Over the course of the weekend I have:

*Been joined by the Countess in the adventures.
*Been compared to a French knight on the walls of the Castle of Guy de Lombard.
*Gotten lost in the jungles of San Antonio looking for the Buckhorn Saloon.

Become a *gunsmith,
*bank robber,
and *convict.

Finally, to finish off the weekend, I got to watch my awesome mom run the marathon.

Great job, Mommy!

6 musings:

Q said...

Are you the one in the purple plaid?

PiningForTheFjords said...

Hi, Q! She is indeed the one in purple plaid, which is appropriate because she loves plaid and her favorite colors are purple and black.

Thank you, beloved daughter Brainsample. You know I could not finish a single marathon without the support of my devoted family!

PMF Superman said...

You can get a good look at LBS in the picture of the hot babe finishing the Austin Marathon. Scroll over to the far right, bottom portion of the picture. LBS is the person with a cap wearing a camouflage backpack.

Countess Madeline Forbes said...

Yay! Nice photos! That was such a great day. Sorry I wasn't much help with directions. Please visit again soon!

Lady Brainsample said...

Q: As Mom said, yes I am in the purple plaid. And that is one of my favorite shirts for PftF's reasons's listed.

PftF: You're welcome! As Dad says...watching marathons is hard work, but it's completely worth it!

PMFS: Pfft, as if....

Countess: Yes, that was an awesome day. We need to get together again soon.

Princess Jasmine Geo said...

Don't forget about me!!!!