Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On Rejection

It shouldn't surprise me, but it does, at how quickly I can go from feeling on top of the world to completely worthless. Take yesterday and today for instance. Despite everything I've been struggling with for the past two months, I felt like I could conquer anything. I've always identified with this song, but I really felt like I wasn't afraid of ANYTHING yesterday. I was ready to take on everything; I was ready to go on adventures; I wasn't afraid.

Then today... I found out I was rejected (again) for one of the (many) internships I've interviewed for. It's basically the end of the school year, and I don't have work for the summer. Despite the fact I've been interviewing for two semesters. Despite the fact every single interview has gone really well. Despite the fact I consistently get through to final rounds of interviews.

And all of this is on my mind the day I need to study for my last final tomorrow.

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