Thursday, May 15, 2008

BOG: AP Test is OVER!!!!!!!!!/Prince Caspian

Praise God, I'm finally done with the AP History test. I took it at a local high school this morning, and I am now free from doing three plus essays every day! Yay! And the timing for different stuff has been perfect, because there are a few awesome things happening tonight and this weekend that sort of serve as the light at the end of the tunnel.

First, there's the new Lost episode tonight, first of the three part finale. Tomorrow, Prince Caspian comes out. And also tomorrow night is the youth group overnighter, which should be fun.
On Prince Caspian:
I have a few concerns from the spoilers and stuff that's been leaking out. Three things especially.
1. Peter's character getting ruined- the stuff I've heard show that he's going to get cocky, which RUINS his role as the Magnificent.

2. Susan the "Gentle"- ok, Susan warrior chick is just NOT going to sit well with me. Susan is Gentle, Lucy is Valiant! Get it in your head, hollywood, Tolkien created the first warrior woman in Eowyn, and it just doesn't work with Susan. Lucy, yes. Aravis, yes. NOT Susan.

3. SusanCaspian-NO NO NO!!!!! Caspian marries Ramandu's daughter!!!!! IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT!!!
And now that I'm done ranting, I think overall, the rest of the movie should be good. I have hope for the calling of the White Witch scene, and from what I've seen of Reepicheep, they aren't ruining him with white fur, so that's really good. Miraz looks awesome, as do Trumpkin, Nikabrik, Cornelus, and Glenstorm. And of course, after I see the movie, I'll be sure to have a review with extended thoughts.
PS The Peter/Miraz duel looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!

2 musings:

The Keierlebers said...

Yea for being done with AP!! Way to go!
I am so excited for the overnighter! We can talk Disney and Narnia there! :)
I just started reading the Chronicles, and I wish I could get to Caspian before tomorrow, but that will never happen. I just might have to see it before I read it!
Last Monday (I think) we watched Lion and apparently it was PKs first time! WHAT!? So he wants to read all the books too! :)

piningforthefjords said...

Umm, yeah. If you could just come in for the history achievement test on Saturday, that would be great.