Wednesday, May 28, 2008

M. Night's underappreciated film...

NO, I'm not talking about Lady in the Water. That one I didn't like very much. I am talking about the Village, that mysterious tale of a town surrounded by woods inhabited by creatures known as Those We Don't Speak Of. Throughout the beginning of the movie, we learn that there is a truce between the villagers and the creatures. The Villagers stay in their valley, Those We Don't Speak Of stay in their woods. Additionally, the color red is believed to attract the creatures, so anything red is buried. Flags around the border and guards wear yellow, thought to be the safe color.

*start of spoilers*
After the death of a child, Lucius Hunt asks the elders of the village permission to travel to the towns beyond Covington woods to retrieve medicines. His request is denied, and after a small venture into the woods by Lucius, the creatures enter the village at night and leave red marks on all of the doors.
Afer Lucius and Ivy become engaged, Lucius is stabbed by Noah Hunt, an incident that promps Ivy Walker to ask her father's permission to go to the towns and retrieve medicine for Lucius. Against the elders' wishes, he lets her go.
Those who have seen the movie know of the three great plot twists of the movie which I won't divulge here.
*end of spoilers*
This is a GREAT movie that has often been bashed by critics, like Roger Ebert saying that the film had a "crummy secret." Yes, it doesn't have as much action as Signs or as much creep-out factor as the Sixth Sense (both of which I LOVE) but it scores high in the characters and acting. (notable cast members include Joaquin Phoenix, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Adrien Brody) I truly love and get involved with the characters when I watch the movie. (unlike *cough* lady in the water *cough, cough*)
Review of Bella to come soon!

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piningforthefjords said...

This is a great "conspiracy theory" movie. It's a weird plot, but very well acted.