Friday, May 30, 2008

LOST: There's No Place Like Home Parts 2 and 3

Wow.....where do I even begin this week? There is so much stuff that has happened, it's hard to know where to start. Let's start with....the coffin. Dad and I thought we had it completely figured out. We thought it was Michael because it was obviously not one of the Six, but he had to have had a fake name and ID. But....Jeremy Bentham? (aka, John LOCKE????!?!?!?!!??!) And Sayid killed him????!!?!?!?!?!?!??!? And if Sayid killed him, why? I don't think Ben ordered him to considering Ben said that Locke had to come back to the island with them.

Favorite moments of this week's episode:
*Sawyer jumping out of the helicopter
*Revelation of part of the Orchid's functions
*Seeing Ben put everything metal in the vault as Locke sees the video say not to
*Ben officially telling Locke that he is the Others' new leader
*Seeing how Ben got injured and catapulted into the future
*Desmond's explanation of how if you cut -fill in the blank-...boom.
*The Island vanishing. (see turtle theory from Finale part 1)
*Desmond and Penny reunited!!! YES!!!!
*Hurley supposedly playing chess with Mr. Eko

Worst moments of this week's episode:
*Ben being banished from the Island
*Jin missing the helicopter
*Having a heart attack while Desmond wasn't breathing
*Not knowing whether Faraday is alive or not
*The Kahana is no more
So...the Island is lies have been planned and put into action. I still find Jack a disappointing character. To deny the existance of miracles after everything that has happened on the Island is just absurd.
What did Miles mean by Charlotte "wanting to get back" to the Island? And where is Faraday? Is he still adrift or was he part of the area taken with the Island like Alcatraz?
So many questions......and we have to wait till January '09. We even have to wait until December 9 for the boxed set of Season 4, which stinks even more. It's as I predicted; they're taking advantage of the Christmas rush. Do not despair my (few) readers. I will continue to post about Lost, though I'm not sure what the posts' content will be. Please feel free to leave suggestions in the form of comments! (I recently made it all right to leave 'anonymous' comments, but please still include some way of my knowing who you are.)
Until next time...there are other Others in other places.

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piningforthefjords said...

Ben was the star of the episodes. He reminded me of Paulie, the way he went zipping from task to task in such a crazy but focused fashion. I am totally not happy about Locke being in the coffin. But I suppose in light of the fact that Christian Shephard is still walking around, maybe we haven't seen the last of Locke.