Friday, May 30, 2008

One of the greatest movies ever made...

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans," is the opening sentence of Bella. The makers of this movie, dissatisfied with the immorality permeating most Hollywood movies, formed their own company, Metanoia Films, to create Bella. Metanoia is a fitting name, as it is Greek for "conversion" or "repentance." Leo Severino had worked as a manager at 20th Century Fox and had felt the call to make redeeming films; Alejandro Monteverde had experienced God's call to turn from his life in the fast lane; and Eduardo Verasteugi had rejected his former typecast of Latino womanizer to follow Jesus Christ.
In the movie, Eduardo plays Jose, a former soccer star who loses his career in a moment. He now works as a chef at his brother's restaurant in New York. Also working at the restaurant is Nina, a waitress struggling to make it in New York. When Manny fires her, Jose shows her a simple act of kindness which changes each of their lives forever.
Don't settle with just renting this movie. Firstly, you will want to own it, and secondly, supporting this film means supporting the Christian makers of this film and the values they stand for.

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piningforthefjords said...

I have been told that some people considered this a "sad" movie. It made me cry a lot, but it is not sad. This is a joyful movie. It culminates with a beautiful act of kindness that brings healing to everyone involved. Aside from that, the making of the film has already been involved in the saving of at least two babies' lives.