Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Newly Discovered Obsession...

If y'all hadn't already noticed, I changed my header to a graphic I made of my recently realized obsession: Phantom of the Opera. The first time I watched this movie (2004 version), my mind kind of went into culture shock A. because it was stunningly beautiful visually and B. because I loved it so much!

The movie takes place at the Opera Polulaire in Paris in the late eighteen hundreds. The opera house has been sold to two new managers who find that there resides the Opera Ghost, who makes certain demands such as permanent use of Box 5 and a salary. When a set piece "somehow" falls and almost hits the opera house's diva singer Carlotta, she storms out and refuses to sing for the performance. Christine Daae is volunteered for the role, and she impresses the managers with her singing. The story that ensues is dark, but incredibly good.
Of course, it being an Andrew Lloyd Webber (otherwise known as Alfred Floyd Webster around here) the music is FANTASTIC. At first I only bought the title song off of iTunes, but then I completed the album because it's just that good. Even if one doesn't see the movie, they would probably love the soundtrack by itself. (must buy favorites include Overture, Think of Me, Phantom of the Opera, and All I Ask of You) The singing is phenomenal. Simply phenomenal. Emmy Rossum has the clear voice perfect for Christine, Patrick Wilson perfectly soothing for Raoul, and Gerard Butler deep and mesmerizing for the Phantom.
Minnie Driver is of course hilarious as Carlotta the diva, lending facial expressions and attitude one would normally expect from Minnie Driver. However, Minnie Driver is not a soprano opera singer, so her part was voiced by a professional singer whose name I cannot recall.
Another thing I loved was the Phantom's style. He has the coolest sense of style EVER. He's got the underground kingdom, the candles that light when they rise from being underwater, the white mask, the black cape, everything! Plus, he has awesome habits such as sending a red rose with a black ribbon to people he is pleased with.
To close, I say this: see the movie or see the musical!!!
10/4/08 EDIT: See also my review of the book.

3 musings:

Lady Jasmine Geo said...

Great voices, Great effects, Great acting, Great Setting. Overall= Awesome movie. I can't wait to see the musical!!!! =D

Erin said...

I've seen the movie twice and own the soundtrack, but I reallllly wanna see it live!!

piningforthefjords said...

You can wear your cape!